Harmony Ball Pendant — Harmony Necklace 18ct Gold Mother & Baby, Sterling Silver Chime Ball

Harmony Ball
3 min readAug 19, 2019
harmony necklace with mother and baby in 18ct Gold

Unique and Exclusive Harmony Ball Necklace by Dazzlers with a Large Harmony Ball with a gorgeous 18ct Gold Vermeil ‘Mother and Baby’ pendant set on a Highly Polished 925 Sterling Silver Harmony Chime Ball. This Artisan Crafted Harmony Ball is an exclusive design and it represents perfectly the bond between Mother and Baby. The internal Harmony Chime Ball creates a beautiful soothing soft chiming sound with movement — this stunning example of a genuine Harmony Ball Necklace was hand made in intricate detail by skilled Artisan Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia, and represents ‘Affordable Quality’ and will make a wonderful Pregnancy Necklace, Baby Shower Gift or Mother to Be Gift and become an enduring Quality Keepsake to pass from Mother to Daughter

harmony necklace with mother and baby

TWO (2) Bonus Chains come with your pendant — one is 40" (100cm) long for wearing the chime ball ‘over your bump’ when pregnant and the other is 20" (50cm) for wearing your chime ball at a typical necklace length. *See more details about your complimentary chains further down the page.


Dimensions: The Harmony Ball used on this necklace is 7/8" (22mm) in diameter and 1 1/4" (32mm) long including the bail.
MATERIALS used in the making of this Harmony Necklace:
● HARMONY BALL: 925 Sterling Silver
● MOTHER & BABY: 18ct Gold Vermeil
● CHIME BALL: internal chime ball
● NECKLACE CHAINS: Two chains included, 40" and 20" (100cm & 50cm)

925 Silver Chains & Woven Silk Necklace Cords if preferred are available from our menu.

harmony necklace with mother and baby

*More information about the complimentary chains provided: the 40" (100cm) long chain for wearing the chime ball ‘over your bump’ during pregnancy is easily adjusted with the large parrot clasp to a shorter length to suit exactly where on your bump you want your chime ball to rest — 40" length typically suits a taller woman while about 36" suits most women of average height. The 20" chain size allows you to wear the chime pendant at a ‘typical’ necklace length — both for when you are breastfeeding (see article below) or just wearing it as a lovely necklace at any time. These complimentary chains are silver dipped — Silver chains are available here in our store. If images show the woven silk necklace cord this is for illustration purposes only and should be purchased separately if required.

Informative Articles: Benefits of Wearing a Harmony Necklace During and After Pregnancy which details how harmony balls are used in certain cultures during pregnancy and the benefits gained, particularly after birth during breastfeeding, and this article What is a Harmony Necklace. This item can also be found on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HarmonyBalls/

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