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Harmony Ball
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Harmony Ball Clip On Earrings by Dazzlers

harmony ball clip on earrings

Looking for something different in Clip-on Earrings? Dazzlers has recently released a range of earrings that feature Harmony Balls, stunning Artisan hand made Sterling Silver chiming spheres. A Harmony Ball is typically worn as a necklace however the unique charm of the Harmony Ball is also available as Clip On Earrings by Dazzlers.

So what is a harmony ball? The Harmony Ball makes a very soft subtle chiming sound with the wearer’s movement which is said to soothe the wearer, reducing stress and anxiety and adding a little extra ‘harmony’ in your day. It is the smaller sizes of Harmony Balls, 12mm (1/2") diameter, that are used for making earrings. The sound from these small harmony balls is very soft, so subtle that the wearer soon becomes accustomed to the soothing sound — so no, it is not loud or annoying. More detail about this fascinating jewellery can be found in this article Origin and Meaning of the Harmony Ball

sterling silver harmony ball clip on earrings

These unique pendants originated in Balinese and Mayan cultures and have become a popular form of jewellery in recent years throughout the world. As is the case with most Harmony Balls the earrings are hand made from sterling silver by village silversmiths using traditional methods handed down through many generations.
These Harmony Ball earrings come in many different styles and generally reflect designs of traditional cultural symbols representing significant cultural life meanings including things like flowers and butterflies. The ornate designs of the Harmony Ball earrings coupled with the gentle soothing chime sound make them a very desirable jewellery item. Combining Harmony Ball Earrings with a Harmony Ball Necklace creates the perfect matching set.

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