Drag Queens Love Clip On Earrings

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3 min readSep 8, 2023
drag queen wearing glitzy long drop crystal clip on earrings

Drag Queens Love to Wear Clip On Earrings

Drag Queens, a.k.a female impersonators, are the performers of the LGBTQI+ society, they are ‘out there’ proudly showing off their pride in who they are and who they represent.

Drag Queens often are ‘dressed to the nines’ preferring to wear glamorous dresses and jewellery including glitzy earrings and wear beautiful makeup. Many will look quite beautiful whilst others will overaccentuate certain aspects of their appearance using prosthetic breasts and hips, exaggerated makeup styles and jewelry.

Like any performer group or cohort there are different levels of professionalism. Whilst some drag queens will dress up for an impromptu gig at a party or at a bar or pub others make very lucrative careers as professionals, performing not only at venues often frequented by members of the LGBTQI+ community but also in mainstream entertainment venues and even on mainstream television.

A number of television shows in recent years featuring drag queens have become very popular as have some individual drag queens who have made a career in television in a number of formats. There are also many clubs throughout the world that have built their reputation on exciting and glamorous drag queen shows. The former Les Girls nightclub in Kings Cross in Sydney (1963–1994) was world famous for its glittering cabaret shows featuring Australia’s best drag queens. It is said the stars of Les Girls were the inspiration for the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

In respect to their jewellery many drag queens have a preference for clip on earrings, not only those who do not have their ears pierced, for the reasons of the ease of quick changes between acts and for the fact that they have a tendancy to wear large sometimes heavy earrings. The latter reason being not to cause any damage to their earlobes such as stretching and keloids that would require surgery (refer to this article clip-on-earrings-aid-recovery-from-earlobe-repair-surgery). Additionally they can use each others clip earrings without concern about passing on infection as can be the case with piereced hook or stud (post) earrings. The wonderful range of large glamorous types of clip on earrings also gives the female impersonator many excellent choices and options of glitzy ear jewellery.

It is not only the public performers that have a liking for clip earrings. Transgender people and Cross dressers, many of whom are not drag queens, are people both male and female who prefer or enjoy dressing in the appearance opposite sex. Male cross dressers or transgender males will wear women’s clothes, shoes, make up and jewellery as a self expression, sometimes publcly and other times simply in private but in either case without the fanfare and sometimes over the top glamor accentuated by the drag queen. Many cross dressers also do not have their ears pierced so clip-on earrings are very popular for ease of use when they dress up.

author: Dazzlers Staff
date: 2021–2–10
publisher: Dazzlers Clip On Earrings

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